Monday, October 20, 2008

Why GPS should have better voices

So yesterday I went to the national museum of health and medicine( anyone know that existed?) with my friends Roxy and Brittney ( and yes they are girls!).

First off we were going to take the metro because we assumed the museum was with in walking distance. Then we found out the museum was in walter reed army base so we had to go get gps' because we had no clue how to get there. This led to a 30 minute drive with Roxy freaking out about driving through D.C. traffic.
When we finaly got there we got our ID's checked and went around in a crazy loop to find the musuem.
We eventually found the museum, got our id checked AGAIN, and then I had the fantastic offter to hold a real human brain. It was fantastic, and no it didn't feel weird (the brain was pasticized).

Then we had the crazy adventure back to the Waldorf Area before eventually getting home 6 hours after we left.


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Piri Jenkins said...

That is a crazy museum.