Saturday, September 27, 2008

presidential debate

So I watched it last night with some friends (great way to spend a Friday night lol). Did anyone else notice that McCain was not wearing an American flag lapel pin?? Obama, however was wearing his. Will this cartoon come into play??

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sick >.<

I hate rainy days..

its just added stress to a day where i have two intensive tests >.<

I am also very sick, something i blame haven for. Earlier i had a stuffy nose and i sneezed a lot, know i have a very wrenching stomach ache. I just can't wait till the weekend so i can sleep off sickness and maybe get some stress off my back.

Oh and the electrical teacher who runs our robotics club at my school, who tends not to listen to us and gets won't let us have parts. Which is causing a lot of people to go to the principle to complain or even quit. That is not helping either.

Least suede is out of project runway.. and Korto finally won something

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today is WED- Hallie version

So, I do happen to know what Wednesday means for Andelle. At least I think I know what it means.
For me, it means trying to run CHI meetings after school. (CHI means Columbia High School Inspired (to Effect Global Change)). Today's attempt was totally unsuccessful. We ended up sitting around and talking about random stuff instead of "saving the world" aka trying to raise awareness and money to support the four United Nations Millenium Developement goals: eradicating poverty, getting better healthcare and education, and creating sustainable resources. Specifically for South Asia. Our meeting today had a sad turnout of about 6 people plus the 4 officers (including myself) for a wonderful 10 people. Instead, we discussed the upcoming election...and other stuff.
As for being "college bound" the guidance counselors have been telling us about the college application process. It sounds quite complicated. You fill out this. Send this here. Get this from the office then do this, this and this. Oy vey.
Although I actually have been working on my college essay (!).

Today Is WED.

Do you know what that means...

If you are not a part of my immediate family or close friends.. you do not understand the true importance of Wednesday.

1.) This needs no typing on my part just watch the video below

2.) Which all of you should no if you are taking part in the T-Shirt destroying contest... PROJECT RUNWAY
I am personally voting off Suede, even though we share the love of talking in 3rd person.

Tim Gunn Approved


Because I have been subjected to millions of comments by people *cough Piri and Lona etc..cough*
I decided to create a blog with my super November Birthday Cousin = HALLIE
yeaaaa.... now all I need to do is officially tell her. ^_^

Welcome to my blog.. i am going to blog about my randomness and hope you find me interesting enough to listen.. or if you are related and want gossip you will probably read as well.