Sunday, October 5, 2008

Andelle has been bothering me about why I haven't blogged here I am, writing a post about whatever pops into my head.
I practiced parallel parking and K-turns this afternoon. K-turns are so much easier. Except I practiced in the nearby elementary school parking lot and the wheels kept making funny noises because there was some loose gravel.
I saw Nick &Norah's Infinite Playlist last night. It was ok. It was a romantic comedy...It was funny but it was really short, like and hour and a half, maximum. I guess it was a pretty cute story.
I have been looking at new cell phones. They are almost all really fancy or really not pretty. There are a couple that I like...but mobiles are so expensive!
My friends and I are making "senior" t-shirts...w00t class of '09! lol. This is one new tshirt that I'm getting that is not getting least not for a while!


Lynnis said...

You have to do those freak of nature jug handle turns don't you?

I'd find a model of phone you like then get a used one on ebay. It keeps them from locking you into their contract longer. You just get your provider to transfer your number to it, it's like free or $15.

Innes said...

trouble is, hallie likes the brand new, hot off the press phone models...

Hallie Jo said...

actually i want a phone that isn't funny looking and the size of the screen is proportionate to the size of the phone.