Friday, October 31, 2008

this is halloween

but surprisingly (or maybe not) i don't feel like celebrating it. too many rumors flying around the school...
plus, i think my favorite part is the getting dressed up part/thinking of an interesting costume idea and i haven't had any of those.
my pumpkin has not become a jack-o-lantern either because it will rot really fast once carved. but one year i did a pretty cool cat carving. that was definitely my favorite.
but we're still handing out candy. we've had a couple people come by already this evening.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anyone know where i can get radioactive material?

Hey i need a small amount of radium or uranium or some sort of radioactive material that is containing radium or uranium..
I was kind of hoping Gordon had a clue.
It is to make a cloud chamber for my science fair experiment and i was thinking about using an old watch that has radiative material on it but it is to much weight so it can't work....

Please help
<3 eLLE

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

McCain's Houses

seriously? 2 in the same freaken town?
plz watch


REMIND YOU of anyone ...

SNL Buzz

There were some pretty helarious skits in snl this past week.
My favorite personally was the Obama comedy half hour variety show

And also Ralph Nader on Weekend up date


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Creative Writing the easiest class ever! Except for maybe personal finance. But creative writing is a lot more fun than finance (especially since half my class is so slow at learning things). I had a "conference" today with my teacher and she loves my writing (not to brag, or anything). At least I have one easy class senior year!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Why GPS should have better voices

So yesterday I went to the national museum of health and medicine( anyone know that existed?) with my friends Roxy and Brittney ( and yes they are girls!).

First off we were going to take the metro because we assumed the museum was with in walking distance. Then we found out the museum was in walter reed army base so we had to go get gps' because we had no clue how to get there. This led to a 30 minute drive with Roxy freaking out about driving through D.C. traffic.
When we finaly got there we got our ID's checked and went around in a crazy loop to find the musuem.
We eventually found the museum, got our id checked AGAIN, and then I had the fantastic offter to hold a real human brain. It was fantastic, and no it didn't feel weird (the brain was pasticized).

Then we had the crazy adventure back to the Waldorf Area before eventually getting home 6 hours after we left.


My Response to Haven's Post of my "Anti-Writer's Block List"

The election
*Sigh* All I can say is I hope McCain doesn't win.
ditto. idk what waldorf is like but there are very few McCain supporters up if he wins there will probably be like a protest at my school...haha.
Science projects
It's annoying. My observations and data are due Nov. 3-14, which means I'll have to get to an art museum sometime soon.
umm yeah not taking a science class this year...have fun with your project, haven!
Art projects
What art projects?
in contrast to science projects, of course! i get to paint red-figure and black-figure vases in art history tomorrow. yay!
I'm between being a park ranger and an emo. Andelle says she'll walk with my, but she wants to power walk and go all the way down the hill. Maybe my friend will offer me to trick-or-treat in her neighborhood
I don't know what i'm going to do.
Your upcoming birthday
What can I say about it? It's in 10 days.
Which means mine is in...13!
Your tshirt hacking
Umm...*cough* About that...
get on that, haven! only uhhh another month and a half or so to go!
The definition of "geek"
What was Hallie thinking? Geeks for me are people who are really academically smart that flaunt it and are usually strong in maths and sciences.
math, science, computer nerds...or wait! band geeks! sometimes they are the worst kind.
The definition of "hippie"
*shakes fist at Hallie* A person in the arts who loves nature, are not afraid to be themselves, and are generally all around awesome.
people who go with the flow lol
A book you are currently reading
The Other Boleyn Girl...again.
hey, i read that again a few weeks ago...there is a new Philippa Gregory book out and I really want to read it! But I need to pick a book to read for english class...any suggestions, anyone?
A movie you saw recently
The last movie I saw was a stupid Goosebumps movie on Disney channel, "Night of the Living Dummies, Part III", which made Andelle go hysterical about how crappy it was and how they could possibly have been two others. She screamed while watching it though, which was pretty funny.
I saw "The Visitor" last weekend. It was pretty good, although it started slowly.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Political Post: Palin 4 Pres

Funny website ... if you want to know what the future of our nation will turn into if we make the wrong choice... or fox "fixes" it for us again.

<3 eLLE

Political Post

Crowd at a Obama rally in St. Louis, Missouri estimated at around 100,000+ people.
Mind boggling isn't it, hopefully it will translate into votes.

OH has anyone seen that Right Winged representative (Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN)) video about calling several democratic politicians unamerican?


On a Political side note: I watched my dad put in his absentee ballot today and i bet you all can guess who he voted for.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day

I don't really have a favorite cause, but since I (well, my friends and I) just led a discussion about education at our club, I'll talk about that.
"Education is the answer to everything."
-Stephen Lewis
By 2015, the U.N. wants to achieve universal primary school education. As of now, 150 million drop out of primary school after five years or less. These children are considered "illiterate" since 5 years is the amount of time it takes to achieve basic literacy. So...133 million "young people" cannot read or write. (I'm sort of cheating...this information is what we handed out at our meeting today, and I have a copy of it in front of me).

If one generation completes primary education--or secondary!--than the next generation is likely to as well. This, at least, what people are claiming. I think it makes sense. If parents believe that education can take you somewhere, they are likely to encourage their children to get an education.
The United Nations has 3 other development goals: sustainable development, health, and poverty (I always think it should be "eradicate poverty," since just saying "poverty" sounds like you are trying to create it rather than eliminate it). I think education ranks aboce these, in some ways, because with a strong education, you are more likely to be able to solve problems. Not that educating the whole world means there will be no more problems...

The club officers after School-in-Action night last spring...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My nerdyness...

My personal... geekness if you will..
I love the book Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card is a good sci fi writer, but I enjoyed Ender's Shadow much more. Beans point of view was more human and he was genetically altered super brain, so that is a radical way to view the world. After those two books the seieres branches out to the take over of the Earth and Ender being disenchanted with humanity, who then goes off to become a leader of a space colony... Who meet up with aliens that are pigs? idk never got that far hated that part, like space school better.

Sad part is I know people who would be offended by a person who liked Xenocide (the book... title refers to the killing of a alien species)

going back to geekdom and finding some foxtrot comics

<3 eLLE

oooh... clarification XKCD comics not mine his

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sick and Tired

This one helps me get through the day some times. I am very sick lately and i am just trying to finish my English homework and get through Jane Eyre.. no offense to those Jane Eyre lovers out there, but when your head is dizzy its hard to read. I only have about 100 pages left so i am good.
Happy Tuesday


Since Andelle graciously asked for me to be an author on this blog, I was like, "um sure." Now, to add on to Andelle's post "Catch Song", it's another song I've been addicted to.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Religious post of the day... or not religious

NO offense to anyone...
It is just my personal belief that religion is not that necessary in a civilized society when a lot of the questions are being answered...
<3 eLLE
Andelle has been bothering me about why I haven't blogged here I am, writing a post about whatever pops into my head.
I practiced parallel parking and K-turns this afternoon. K-turns are so much easier. Except I practiced in the nearby elementary school parking lot and the wheels kept making funny noises because there was some loose gravel.
I saw Nick &Norah's Infinite Playlist last night. It was ok. It was a romantic comedy...It was funny but it was really short, like and hour and a half, maximum. I guess it was a pretty cute story.
I have been looking at new cell phones. They are almost all really fancy or really not pretty. There are a couple that I like...but mobiles are so expensive!
My friends and I are making "senior" t-shirts...w00t class of '09! lol. This is one new tshirt that I'm getting that is not getting least not for a while!

Catch Song

Thanks to Haven demanding me to put on this song constantly, it is finally stuck in my brain. So in order to get it out of my mind i am going to transplant it into someone else.

<3 eLLE

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Raise your hands if you hate the SAT!!

Today i got to wake up at 6:30 on a Saturday and drive myself to Westlake high school to take the SATs..for the 3rd time..

This is a really terribly boring and torturous experience. They claim it will only take until 12:30, but I never have been out before 1. In fact today was the earliest I have ever been out and that was 1:05p.m.

The only fun part was the ability to see some friends, because practically everyone there was from my high school. This was especially evident in the room we took it in out of 18 people there i knew about 12 of them.

My ultimate goal was to do better on the writing and reading section. I do not know if my goals will be reached but at least I will not have to take the reasoning test again.

<3 eLLE

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yeaaah its October

Welcome fall!

It is already getting chilly out and the only reason I really notice, besides it being freezing when i go out in the morning, is that the classrooms at my school are ridiculously freezing or hot. My school despite its million dollar worth can not have a correct temperature. Quite frustrating...
This leads to the discussion of which classes are the most comfy...

the science classes usually have the most consistent
Economics class room is really really cold
The trailers have controlled temperature that want to be uber fast so it goes either ways

This brings on the discussion of what class did you like most in school...
Please Answer the Poll

Cheers ^_^

P.S. You can vote more for more then one thing :-D