Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today is WED- Hallie version

So, I do happen to know what Wednesday means for Andelle. At least I think I know what it means.
For me, it means trying to run CHI meetings after school. (CHI means Columbia High School Inspired (to Effect Global Change)). Today's attempt was totally unsuccessful. We ended up sitting around and talking about random stuff instead of "saving the world" aka trying to raise awareness and money to support the four United Nations Millenium Developement goals: eradicating poverty, getting better healthcare and education, and creating sustainable resources. Specifically for South Asia. Our meeting today had a sad turnout of about 6 people plus the 4 officers (including myself) for a wonderful 10 people. Instead, we discussed the upcoming election...and other stuff.
As for being "college bound" the guidance counselors have been telling us about the college application process. It sounds quite complicated. You fill out this. Send this here. Get this from the office then do this, this and this. Oy vey.
Although I actually have been working on my college essay (!).


Elle said...

sounds intense

Innes said...


Lynnis said...

What's your essay about?

Andelle- I thought you were going to turn off word verification?

Elle said...

idk how....will try to

Hallie Jo said...

well one of the suggestions on the college board website is to start with a shrot narrative and then describe how the narrative shows who you are or whatever.
so i started writing about thanksgiving. which, thanks to the tshirt hacking blog, i know is 64 days away. yay!
so yeah thanksgiving leads to family which leads to genealogy which leads to idk good note taking skills or something