Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sick >.<

I hate rainy days..

its just added stress to a day where i have two intensive tests >.<

I am also very sick, something i blame haven for. Earlier i had a stuffy nose and i sneezed a lot, know i have a very wrenching stomach ache. I just can't wait till the weekend so i can sleep off sickness and maybe get some stress off my back.

Oh and the electrical teacher who runs our robotics club at my school, who tends not to listen to us and gets won't let us have parts. Which is causing a lot of people to go to the principle to complain or even quit. That is not helping either.

Least suede is out of project runway.. and Korto finally won something


Haven said...

I was hoping Kenley would get out. I'm so sick of her I want her out A.S.A.P.

Lona said...

Looks like I missed it. But I am glad to see the new blog.

Lynnis said...

I despise Kenley. She adds nothing to the show.