Friday, January 30, 2009

"It's like throwing up rainbows!"

Haven and I had our daily adventure today. We decided to attempt to make rainbow cake.

Its like they are giant eyes

Haven is pouring some red cake batter

look at all the colors

It's a rainbow!

Cooked cake looks like Tye Dye

Note the blue stuff is homemade frosting haven dyed to be aqua just cool whip with some pudding mix.

Groovy colors

This is where the quote "It's like throwing up rainbows!" comes in to place
Not that bad for an awesome adventure and the cake besides its wacky colors tasted good as well.


Lona said...

What's in that food coloring??!!!!

Hallie Jo said...

hahaha. looks like tiedye.

Anonymous said...

ooo beautiful cakes :D

I stumbled upon your wonderful blog googlin Backseatsman haha x] and then I stumbled upon these awesome cakes :OO

how do you make rainbow cake!? i am inspired to follow your endeavors :D